Wood Adhesive VB20®

Flacon  750 g

Water resistant PVAc wood adhesive

Wood Adhesive VB20®



  • For internal and external use
  • Water resistant
  • Transparent when dry
  • Solvent-free
  • Paintable


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Suitable for:

  • For water-resistent (D3) joining and laminating of practically all soft, hard and exotic types of wood. Suitable for well-fitting, non-load bearing wooden structures using various wood joints such as finger joints, dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, dowels and springs.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (outdoor areas not exposed to weather influences), such as windows, doors and furniture in, for example, living rooms, offices, kitchens and bathrooms. For surface bonding wood, hard and softboard, chipboard, multiplex plywood, MDF, paper, cardboard and hardboard. Also suitable for laminating veneer and hard plastic sheet (HPL, Formica, Duropal, Resopal) on a wooden surface.
  • D3: Interior spaces in which passing water, condensation and / or heavy stress due to increased relative humidity occurs frequently for a short time. Exteriors not exposed to weather influences.
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Before use:

Working conditions

The ambient temperature, the adhesive and the materials to be bonded should not be less than +5°C. Relative humidity of up to 65%. Level of wood humidity between 8% and 12%.

Preliminary surface treatment

Surfaces must be clean, dust and grease-free and a good fit. Degrease oily types of wood with Griffon Cleaner.


Fine-toothed adhesive spreader (1 mm), brush, roller or adhesive injection equipment, clamps or press.

During use:

Directions for use

Apply the adhesive thinly and evenly on one or both parts using a fine-toothed adhesive spreader (1 mm), brush, roller or pneumatic adhesive injection equipment. Allow the adhesive to soak in for a couple of minutes. Assemble joint within 8 minutes then clamp or press.

Points of attention

Avoid corrosion on metal parts (e.g. pump or machinery components). Use only acid resistant components with mechanical processing.

After use:


Remove adhesive residues immediately with water. Dry adhesive residue can only be removed mechanically.

Storage conditions

Store in properly sealed packaging in a dry place at between +10°C and +20°C.

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