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THE CHOICE OF THE PRO. Easy, fast and reliable are the starting points for product development for the professional brand Griffon.



Griffon is the No. 1 brand that offers the best professional solutions for adhesive, sealing, bonding and protecting. Especially for the craftsman, Griffon offers high-quality products that can meet any challenge.


Choosing Griffon is choosing quality.

In order to be able to guarantee excellent quality at all times, Griffon works with a quality assurance system.

The entire process from incoming raw materials, production to finished product and delivery takes place according to prescribed and controlled procedures. Of course, this system is certified according to ISO 9001. In this way, the user can be sure of a guaranteed quality.

Product quality tailored to specific applications is guaranteed by quality marks such as BELGAQUA, British Standard, DVGW, KOMO, Gastec, KIWA, WRAS and CSTB. In addition, many products are CE marked and comply with EN standards. Both product and process quality are continuously inspected by reputable, independent inspection bodies at home and abroad.

In addition to quality, innovation is also one of Griffon's core values.

Griffon is constantly looking for new, better solutions. Existing products are constantly being improved so that they not only work better, but are also kinder to the user and the environment.

Through extensive research and close contact with installers and pipe manufacturers, Griffon introduces innovative solutions to pressing problems time and time again.


For Griffon, sustainability means working responsibly with the environment, people and society. We Care is the name of our sustainability program. We act with respect for the earth's resources, we contribute to a more sustainable future, and we secure the needs of future generations.

As a concrete expression of our commitment, We Care is based on three pillars:

  • SOURCING, procurement for a responsible supply and use of raw materials
  • PRODUCING, production for sustainable production processes and quality of our products
  • PEOPLE, people for the well-being of our employees and support for society
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The Griffon brand is part of Bolton Adhesives. Bolton Adhesives represents the adhesives division of the Bolton Group and carries four prominent brands: Bison, UHU, Griffon and Air Max.

For gluing or sealants of paper and cardboard, leather, fabric and wood or joining metal and plastic; Bolton Adhesives products offer the best solution. At home, in the office, at school, when doing odd jobs or during professional work. The company focuses on the supermarket and stationery trade channel, as well as on the do-it-yourself market and the professional market. Bolton Adhesives employs approximately 700 people.

Bolton Adhesives is part of Bolton Group.

Bolton Group supplies quality products in five consumer markets, namely food, personal care and health products, household and cleaning products, cosmetics and adhesives.