Soldering Wire Tin/Lead 40/60 Resin Core

Pot 500 g Ø 2 mm

Soldering Wire Tin/Lead 40/60 Resin Core

Soldering Wire Tin/Lead 40/60 Resin Core


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Suitable for:

For soft soldering of electronics applications such as repair of white products, audio equipment and household appliances. Don’t use in combination with a flux.

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for drinking water pipes.

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Before use:


Soldering iron or burner, scouring fibre, heat shield, cloth

During use:

Directions for use

1. Assemble joint. Use only well-fitting parts. 2. Heat joint evenly and add tin solder. Allow the solder to melt onto the soldered seam and not in the flame or on the iron. Completely fill soldered seam. 3. Remove flux residue with alcohol. 4. Allow joint to cool in air.

Points of attention

Clean soldering iron regularly with Griffon Soldering Iron Cleaner.

After use:


Remove any remaining flux using acetone.

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