Kolmat® Fibre Seal

Roll 12 mm x 15 m

Impregnated, fibre-reinforced sealing tape

Kolmat® Fibre Seal



  • Fibre-reinforced
  • Re-adjustable > 180°
  • Removable
  • Immediately loadable


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Suitable for:

For sealing conical and cylindrical metal and plastic threaded connections. Suitable e.g. for (drinking) water, gas, LPG (gas), (compressed) air and diluted acids and bases. Applicable for e.g. copper, brass, (galvanised) steel, stainless steel, chrome, zinc, PVC, CPVC and ABS. Gas: up to 5 bar pressure at -20°C - +70°C. Water up to 16 bar pressure at +95 °C, up to 7 bar pressure at +130°C.

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for oxygen.

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Before use:


See table:

During use:

Directions for use

1. Clean and degrease surfaces. Smooth surfaces such as brass, stainless steel and chrome must first be roughened. 2. Apply the dark green side of the tape to the thread, winding tightly and pressing it firmly in the direction of the thread while allowing a 50% overlap. If a 50% overlap is not possible, then apply 2-3 windings and pull tape tight, so that it is pressed into the screw thread. In case of a loose fit, it may be necessary to apply more windings. 3. Assemble joint. Joint is adjustable to at least 180°.

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