Pot 750 g Black

Fire proof sealant




  • Non-shrinking
  • Glass fibre-reinforced
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Suitable for:

Suitable for sealing seams, joints and gaps and repairing cracks in (open) fireplaces, multi-burners, stoves and chimneys. Bonds to metal, stone, brick and concrete.

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Before use:

Working conditions

Only apply at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C.

Surface requirements

Remove any existing sealant residue.

Preliminary surface treatment

Degrease metals with degreaser. Slightly moisten porous surfaces.


Sealant smoother, Putty knife


1 pot for 10 m of joint, joint 6 x 6 mm.

During use:

Handling of packaging

Cut off screw thread, assemble nozzle and cut at an angle to the desired joint width.

Directions for use

  • Apply sealant directly into the joint and then immediately smooth it over using a wet finger, putty knife or sealant smoother.
  • Properly close the container immediately after use.

Points of attention

Exposure to heat before it is completely cured may cause the sealant to crack and fragment.

After use:


Remove wet stains immediately with water. Cured sealant residue can only be removed mechanically.

Storage conditions

Store in well-sealed packaging in a cool, dry and frost free place.

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