Chamfering Tool

Chamfering tool

For chamfering plastic pipes

Chamfering Tool



  • Creates a chamfered edge of 15⁰
  • Prevents adhesive 'crowding out'
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Suitable for:

For plastic pipes of PVC, PVC-C, ABS, PP and PE. Suitable for diameters 16 ≤ 63 mm.

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Before use:

Surface requirements

Synthetic pipes need to be clean, dry and free of grease.

Preparation of product

Five adapter rings for ∅ 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm are integrated into the chamfering tool. To place these: Loosen the screws. Place the adapter rings of the desired diameter (for example, for a diameter of 40 mm place the adapter ring with a diameter of 50 and 40). Tighten the screw (not further than the adapter rings). The other adapter rings can be placed on the rear of the chamfering tool.

During use:

Directions for use

Place the chamfering tool over the pipe and move it around until the entire pipe has a rim of 15⁰.

Points of attention

Do not apply pressure on the pipe.

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