S-39® RVS

Bottle with brush 320 ml

Soldering flux for stainless steel.

S-39® RVS



  • Very powerful cleaning properties
  • Maximum temperature range 300°C
  • With brush
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Suitable for:

For soft soldering of stainless steel and other difficult to solder metals such as (highly polluted or oxidised) zinc, nickel and chromium in almost all application areas. Suitable on all types of solid tin solder.

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Before use:


Soldering iron or burner, solid soft soldering alloy, scouring fibre, heat shield, cloth

During use:

Directions for use

1. Sand joining surfaces well and clean (bare metal) with Griffon scouring fibre. 2. Apply flux evenly with brush to both joining surfaces. Avoid overuse of the flux. 3. Assemble joint. Use only well-fitting parts. Avoid overheating the flux, as this will hamper the flow of the solder. 4. Heat joint evenly and add tin solder. Allow the solder to melt onto the soldered seam and not in the flame or on the iron. Completely fill soldered seam. 5. Remove flux residue with water or a damp cloth. 6. Allow joint to cool in air.

Points of attention

Use Griffon Heat-Shield to protect walls, tiles, wallpaper, paint and plasterwork, for example.

After use:


Immediately remove stains with water or a damp cloth.

Storage conditions

Close the container properly and store in a dry, cool and frost-free location.

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