Mildew Remover

Flacon  750 ml

Mildew Remover® with active spray and foam formula

Mildew Remover



  • With active spray and foam formula
  • Effect in 10 minutes
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Suitable for:

For immediately eliminating moulds and algae on walls, floors and joints in, e.g., bathrooms, kitchens, cellars and garages. Also suitable for external applications, such as façades and balconies. Through the unique combination of spray and foam, suitable for large surfaces and difficult to reach places.

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Before use:

Working conditions

Ventilate well during use.

Preliminary surface treatment

Do not remove mould and algae beforehand.

During use:

Directions for use

Prevent spattering: always prepare first and only then spray. Rotate the cap a quarter turn. For the large surfaces use the spray (lid open) and use foam for stubborn stains and hard to reach places foam (lid closed). Spray surface from 3-5 cm and leave to act for 10 minutes. Spray stubborn stains again after 10 minutes. Thoroughly clean the surface with a sponge and water. In elastic joints (e.g. Silicon sealant) repeat the entire treatment (spraying and cleaning). After use, close the spray cap by rotating the spray nozzle a quarter turn.

Points of attention

Cover plants and metal. Do not use on spray work (spack). Avoid splashes on clothing (bleach stains), glossy paints (matting) and slats (discouloration). Can cause a brown discolouration in light coloured elastic joints and on delicate tiles. In case of doubt, always test first. On contact with skin immediately rinse with water. Do not reuse bottle. Do not use in combination with other products; it could release dangerous gases (chlorine).

After use:


Stains are not removable.

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