Contact Adhesive Spray CS 570

Canister 13 kg 22 L

Transparent, sprayable, aromatics-free, universal contact adhesive in mobile pressure vessel.

Contact Adhesive Spray CS 570



  • Mobile
  • Maintenance-free
  • Ready to use
  • No electricity needed
  • No compressor needed
  • Transparent
  • Sprayable
  • Aromatics-free
  • Free of methylene chloride
  • Universal
  • Bonds immediately
  • Moisture resistant
  • Frost resistant
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Suitable for:

  • For surface bonding and laminating of metal and hard synthetic panel boards (HPL: Formica, Duropal, Resopal), veneer, hardboard and plywood on, for example, wood, multiplex plywood, chipboard and MDF. Also for bonding flexible insulation and foam materials (glass wool), cork, leather and rubber on, e.g., PUR and PIR panels, cork, leather and rubber, for example, concrete and stone (such as sand-lime bricks/silicate).
  • Also suitable for bonding of EPDM (test first).
  • Ideal for materials that have to be immediately fixed, loaded and/or worked upon and for on site use and at locations where there is no compressed air available. Ideal for material under tension and curved work, where it is impossible to clamp or press.
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Before use:

Working conditions

Only use at temperatures between +15°C and +25°C and with maximum relative humidity of 65%. In order to prevent the formation of bubbles due to condensation, the temperature of the adhesive and materials to be bonded should be the same as the ambient temperature and preferably between +18°C and +20°C. Never allow a draught onto pasted surfaces.

Preliminary surface treatment

Surfaces must be dry, clean, dust- and grease-free and a good fit. Clean and degrease the surfaces to be bonded using Griffon Cleaner.


CS 570 Hose, CS 570 Gun and pressure roller.

Preparation of product

Mount the CS 570 Pistol on the CS 570 Hose and then the CS 570 Hose on the pressure vessel. Open the tap fully. Close the valve only when changing the pressure vessel, in order to prevent the drying out of the adhesive in the hose. Before using, shake or roll the pressure vessel. Adjust the gun for desired spray pattern by means of the control button. Hold the gun at 90° with respect to the surface. Distance from nozzle to the surface approx. 25 cm. Apply the adhesive very thinly and evenly to both surfaces by moving the gun with a quick movement over the surface. Let parts dry for at least 2 minutes and apply crosswise a second, very thin layer. Ensure coverage of 80-100%; at edges 100%. On porous surfaces apply, after about 10-20 minutes, again two coats adhesive with a waiting time of at least 2 minutes between coats. Allow both parts to dry for at least 5 minutes. As soon as the adhesive stops stringing, join parts. Avoid entrapping of air bubbles. Firmly press or roll the materials. Adjustment is then no longer possible. After use, lock the gun.

During use:

Points of attention

  • Be careful when changing pressure vessel: Close the valve only when changing the pressure vessel. Spray hose empty. Mount the hose directly to the new pressure vessel and immediately open the valve. Open the tap of the old pressure vessel outdoors or in a well ventilated area and leave it for 48 hours. Smash the old pressure vessel at the dent next to the valve. The old pressure vessel can be disposed of as scrap iron.
  • If the adhesive joint on porous materials comes into sustained contact with water, the adhesive can become detached from the surface.

After use:


Wet adhesive residue can be removed using Griffon Cleaner. Dried adhesive residue can be removed mechanically or by using a paint stripper.

Storage conditions

Store dry in sealed packaging between +15°C and +35°C. Do not store on a concrete floor.

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