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Polyurethane Adhesive

EAN: 8710439039442Article No.: 1387207
Thixotropic, filling, waterproof, 2-component assembly adhesive based on polyurethane.
  • 100% filling Waterproof All-weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant Solvent-free Thixotropic


  • 100% filling
  • Waterproof
  • All-weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Solvent-free
  • Thixotropic


Suitable for:

For bonding many difficult to bond materials having to withstand extreme conditions. Suitable for practically all materials, such as metal, polyester, foam materials (polystyrene foam), wood, (natural) stone, concrete, ceramics, glass, PVC foil, rubber and many synthetics.


Before use

Working conditions

Do not use in temperatures ≤ +5°C.

Preliminary surface treatment

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. When necessary degrease the parts with Bison Professional Cleaner or acetone. Smooth surfaces should first be roughened with sandpaper. In case of wood bonding, the wood humidity content may not exceed 18%.


Mixing tray (clean and dry), putty knife or glue spreader. Thoroughly clean tools immediately after use with Bison Professional Cleaner, MEK or acetone.

Preparation of product

Stir resin well before use. Mix resin with hardener in the weight ratio 5:1 (Resin/ Hardener). Continue stirring until the adhesive mixture reaches a homogeneous colour.

Mixture ratio

5 parts by weight resin to 1 part by weight hardener


Approx. 1.5-3.5 m²/kg

During use

Directions For Use

Apply the adhesive mixture, which only needs to be applied on one side, to the surface or the material to be bonded with a putty knife or glue spreader. With soft materials such as rubber tactile tiles and artificial grass, and when affixing tiles, apply the adhesive mixture to the surface with a coarse toothed glue spreader (No 3). In case of rubber floor covering, first perform an adhesive test. Construction boards can be affixed by applying spots of adhesive. Depending on the weight of the material to be bonded, intervals of 20-40 centimetres should be maintained between the spots of adhesive. Always apply an additional spot of adhesive on the corners of any construction board to be bonded. For full surface bonding to smooth surfaces, use a glue spreader no. 2. Place the material to be bonded in the correct position and firmly press into the adhesive. Preferably, clamp or support during curing. Remove outwardly pressed adhesive immediately.

Points of attention

The individual components may not come in contact with each other or with water. Foaming of the hardener or mixture indicates that the adhesive has become unusable.

Personal Safety

It is recommended that rubber or plastic gloves are worn.

After use


Remove wet adhesive residue immediately with Bison Professional Cleaner. Dry adhesive residue can only be removed mechanically.

Storage conditions

Store dry in sealed packaging between +10°C and +20°C.


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