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EAN: 8710439919256Article No.: 1235006
Non-flammable, silicone-free welding spray.
  • Non-flammable Silicone-free


  • Non-flammable
  • Silicone-free


Suitable for:

For preventing adhesion of weld spatter on gun parts, clamps, brackets, burners, nozzles and equipment in MIG, MAG and CO2 welding.


Before use

Preparation of product

Shake well before use.

During use

Directions For Use

Spray welding torch, nozzle and object thinly and evenly from a short distance (approx. 20-30 cm). After welding, the weld spatter can be easily removed from the workpiece. Residues are easily removed with a degreaser.

Points of attention

Do not spray during welding. Do not spray on painted, varnished or synthetic surfaces. Keep aerosol out of reach of the welding spatters.

After use

Storage conditions

Close the container properly and store in a dry, cool and frost-free location.


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