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CV Restorer

EAN: 8710439037769Article No.: 1249450
Super concentrate for cleaning and rinsing of central heating systems.
  • Super concentrated With special injector


  • Super concentrated
  • With special injector


Suitable for:

For cleaning and rinsing of central heating systems. Removes rust deposits, algae and oxidation sludge and restores flow in piping and heat transfer in the boiler. Also suitable for combination boilers and underfloor heating.


Before use


Sealant gun, radiator key, Allen key

Preparation of product

Cutting the nozzle of the injector supplied to the correct diameter and screw it to the venting valve of the radiator. Cut the cone-shaped head at the top of the cartridge down to the screw thread with a sharp knife. Screw the blue cap of the injector as far as possible on the thread of the cartridge and insert the cartridge into a sealant gun.


One cartridge per 100 litres of installation content.

During use

Directions For Use

1. Turn the system off and let it cool. 2. Isolate a radiator from the rest of the installation by closing the radiator valve and foot control valve. If this is not possible, the product can also be added via the filling hose. 3. Remove the venting pin. 4. Cut the injector to the correct diameter and screw it into the thread of the breather. 5. Remove the foil, screw the cap on the cartridge and place it in a sealant gun. 6. Mount the injector on the cap. 7. Open the radiator valve or foot control valve, inject the entire contents and close the valve. 8. Release the pressure from the radiator by pressing the pin on the caulking gun. 9. Remove the injector from the radiator. 10. Mount the venting pin and turn the radiator valve and foot control valve open. 11. Turn the system on and let it run. Ensure that the entire system is open. 12. Allow the product to circulate non-stop for 48 hours or at a normal heating cycle, controlled by the room thermostat, for 7 days. When cleaning of a new installation, leave to circulate for 2 hours. 13. After cleaning thoroughly flush the entire system until the water is completely clear and does no longer form a stable foam. This can take, depending on the degree of contamination, 4 to 8 hours. After cleaning the installation, preferably protect with CV Protector.

Points of attention

Easy to use, because the system can remain in normal operation during use. Keep a cloth or bucket at hand to catch the water that escapes by the overpressure when removing the venting pin. Simple and easy to add via the radiator or the installation’s fill valve. Does not attack metal (including aluminium), synthetics and other materials. Compatible with all other Griffon Central heating Water treatment products. A cartridge is sufficient to protect a heating system of moderate size (up to 10 radiators = about 100 liters). Overdose is not a problem.

After use

Storage conditions

Stored in unopened packaging between +5°C and +25°C. Best Before Date (MM/YY): see packaging. Close packaging properly after use and store in a dry, cool, and frost-free location.


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