Super Glue + Activator

Set 50 g + 200 ml

Liquid, universal instant glue with activator

Super Glue + Activator



  • Firmly bonds in 10 seconds
  • Ideal for difficult connections
  • For many materials
  • Transparent
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Suitable for:

For gluing and assembling practically all materials, such as wood, chipboard, MDF, rubber, metal, glass, ceramics and many synthetics. Excellent for difficult, but well-fitting connections (right-angled and mitred connections) such as skirting boards, decorative strips, cover strips, ornamental and painting frames, alcoves, etc. Ideal for quick finish of kitchens, floors, walls, furniture, ceilings, modeling, various hobby applications, etc.

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for PE, PP, silicone resins, PTFE, Styrofoam®.

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Before use:

Working conditions

Do not use at temperatures below +10°C.

Surface requirements

Surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease, and must fit exactly.

Preliminary surface treatment

Any dust, oil, grease, wax or separating agent should be thoroughly removed from the surfaces to be bonded together. The best way to achieve this is to rub the parts a number of times with appropriate solvents, such as acetone (check suitability first). For metals and metal alloys it is usually sufficient to roughen the surface using emery paper or by grinding or brushing.

During use:

Directions for use

Spray one of the parts with activator (approx. 15 cm) and allow it to evaporate completely. Immediately apply a thin layer of adhesive to the other part and subsequently assemble both parts. Firmly press them together for 10 seconds. After use, clean nozzle of adhesive bottle with a dry tissue and close by replacing the cap.


Activator may damage lacquer coat and synthetics. Check suitability on a concealed area first.

Points of attention

Adhesive contains cyanoacrylate. Bonds skin and eyelids together in seconds. If product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. In case of contact with skin, glue can be dissolved by soaking in warm soapy water. Then apply a skin cream. May cause respiratory irritation. Avoid breathing vapours. Keep out of the reach of children.

After use:


Wipe off excess glue immediately with a dry cloth. After curing, glue residue is very difficult to remove. Acetone will dissolve glue but very slowly (check suitability first).

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool, frost-free place.

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