PU-Foam Gun


Gun for applying Gun PU-Foam.

PU-Foam Gun


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Before use:

Personal safety

Wear gloves and safety goggles and provide adequate ventilation.

Preliminary surface treatment

The substrate must be thoroughly clean and free of grease. Slightly moisten dry surfaces.

During use:

Directions for use

Mount the aerosol on the PU Foam gun. By pulling the trigger, the foam can be dosed easily and precisely. Hold the can upside down while spraying. Fill the area for about 65%. For filling large volumes apply foam in layers and allow to fully froth. Moisten between each layer. After curing, the foam can be cut, drilled and painted, and, if desired, plastered. After use, clean the gun with PU cleaner. Cleaning PU Gun: Mount PU gun on PU Cleaner. Pull the trigger several times. Let the cleaner soak in for some time. Pull the trigger again several times. Remove the aerosol. Clean and dry the screw thread on the gun.

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