Poly Max® High Tack V-nozzle

Sachet 6 Piece(s)

For processing Poly Max® High Tack Express in sausage packaging.

Poly Max® High Tack V-nozzle



  • Nozzle with V-opening for applying an optimal adhesive strip:
  • for perfect even distribution of the adhesive
  • for an extra high initial bond strength
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During use:

Directions for use

1. Turn sealing ring off front side of sausage gun. 2. Click High Tack V-nozzle into sealing ring. 3. Press and hold Direct Stop and pull the metal rod backwards. 4. Place sausage in sausage gun. 5. Cut open sausage immediately after closing bob e.g. with a pair of pliers. 6. Turn sealing ring back on sausage gun. 7. Press Direct Stop again and push rod against the sausage.

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