Kolmat® Flon-100

Dispenser 175 m

PTFE-rope for sealing metal and synthetic threaded connections.

Kolmat® Flon-100



  • 100% PTFE
  • Re-adjustable (45°)
  • Chemical resistant
  • Mould resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Removable
  • Immediately loadable


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Suitable for:

For sealing metal and synthetic threaded connections. Suitable for water, gas, oxygen, steam, fuels, solvents and acids.

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During use:

Directions for use

  • 1) Start at the end of the tube and wrap the cord in the thread direction tightly on the screw thread. Overlap regularly. Apply sufficient cord in order to obtain a good seal mainly at the beginning of the tube (10-15mm).
  • 2) Using the dispenser apply 2-3 drops of slipping agent to the cord and spread it with your finger over the entire surface.
  • 3) After assembly do not turn back more than 45° (1/8 turn).
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