Injection plugs

Sachet 6 (15 X 85 mm) Piece(s)

For the purpose of UniPlug-HLC® chemical anchor

Injection plugs



  • For the purpose of UniPlug-HLC® chemical anchor
  • 15 x 85 mm
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Suitable for:

For fixating concrete armouring, anchor rods, threaded rods and special fastening systems to hollow building materials such as concrete, stone and masonry.

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During use:

Directions for use

After preparing and removing dust from the drill hole (at least clean 2x and blow out 2x). Remove cap. Place injection sleeve in drill hole in case of hollow building materials. Fill drill hole for about 2/3 with product. Avoid air entrapment. Replace cap. Bring anchor after injecting within assembly time with rotating movement in the drill hole.

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