Green Dirt Remover

Bottle 1 L

Very powerful concentrate for removal and prevention of green deposits

Green Dirt Remover



  • Super-powerful
  • For removal and prevention
  • For 200m²
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Before use:

Personal safety

Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, face protection.

Preparation of product

For 5 L water, use approximately 250 ml of the product. For 10 L water, use approximately 500 ml of the product. For 25 L water, use approximately 1250 ml of the product.

During use:

Handling of packaging

Release the childproof cap on the container by pressing it down while unscrewing.

Directions for use

To remove and prevent green dirt (on walls, roofs, tile paths, flagstones and gravestones, windows, sleepers, garden furniture, etc.): Spray, pour, brush or scrub with a dilution of 5% of this agent (500ml on 10l of water). Do not rinse. Do not spray or pour on plants. To remove green dirt on windows and materials in empty greenhouses and department stores: Thoroughly spray or brush with a dilution of 5% of this agent (5 liters on 100 liters of water). After a few days, remove dead algae, algae, dirt, etc. by spraying or scrubbing with water. This cleaning aftertreatment does not necessarily have to take place on the short term, because this agent has no harmful after-effects and vapor effect. For these reasons, treatments can also be carried out until shortly before planting. To prevent for green dirt on windows and materials in empty greenhouses and department stores: Spray on clean windows with a 5% dilution of this product (5 liters per 100 liters of water). Due to the absence of harmful effects of this agent and the small residue, it is not allowed and necessary to spray afterwards. Because of this method of application, the occurrence of green dirt is prevented for many months. If windows (including flat glass) are cleaned by hand (scrubbing), a dilution of 3% (300ml on 10l of water) will suffice. Keep pets away from the treated areas as long as they are still damp."

Points of attention

The product becomes ineffective when it comes into contact with soap or synthetic detergents. Apply in dry weather. Leave to act for 36 hours

After use:

Storage conditions

Keep in a dark, cool place, in an upright position, during storage or transportation.

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