Glue Remover

Aerosol 200 ml

Very efficient and effective against glue and sticker residues

Glue Remover



  • Universal and non-drip
  • Precise application and can be applied vertically
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Suitable for:

Suitable for removing glue and sticker residues from many types of surfaces, e.g. tile, stone, glass, and metal. Also suitable for removing paint, fat, grease, ink, and oil stains and residue. Removes superglue, as well as contact, polyurethane, and assembly adhesives.* (* Removal of glue depends on the type of surface.)

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for silk, leather, suede, polystyrene, or rubber.

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During use:

Directions for use

Always test first on a hidden part of the surface. Manually remove as much of the excess residue as possible. Spray the Lijmvreter on the stain and allow the product to penetrate the stain properly for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the stain using a cloth or scraper if necessary. Repeat the process if needed. Thoroughly wash the surface after.

Points of attention

Product contains solvents that may affect the surface. Test before using.

After use:

Storage conditions

Store in tightly closed container in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

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