Kolmat® Plastic

Tube 125 g (Folding box)

Sealant for sealing conical and cylindrical synthetic threaded connections

Kolmat® Plastic



  • THF-free 
  • Fast 
  • Liquid
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Suitable for:

For sealing conical and cylindrical metal and synthetic threaded connections (synthetics/synthetics and synthetics/metal). Suitable for cold and warm water and (compressed) air. Suitable for, e.g., PVC, CPVC and ABS eventually in combination with copper, brass, (galvanised) steel and stainless steel.

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Before use:

Working conditions

Do not use in temperatures ≤ +5°C.

Preliminary surface treatment

Clean and dry surfaces with a degreaser (Griffon PE Cleaner) and use a clean, well-absorbing, fluff-free cloth (Griffon Cleaner Cloth).

During use:

Directions for use

Apply evenly to the male part and the female part. Assemble joint immediately and remove residues. Joint is adjustable for about 5 minutes. Joint can be loaded up to 8 bar (medium 20°C) or 2 bar (medium 80°C). After curing lightly demountable.

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