The quality of Griffon HBS-200® Liquid Rubber was tested extensively and independently. The product complies with the different (European) standards:

Waterproof products applied as a liquid for use under glued ceramic tiles - Requirements, test methods, conformity assessment, classification and indication.

Wall and floor sealants for use in wet areas.

This European standard specifies polymer modified bituminous thick coatings for water seals in structures below ground level.

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Definitions, requirements, quality assurance and conformity assessment - Surface protection systems for concrete.

European standard for the determination of air permeability of fully assembled windows and doors of any material, with submission to positive or negative test pressures. HBS-200 ® Liquid Rubber is 100% airtight. Tested with HBS-200® GeoTextile  and PU-Foam.

Thermal properties of buildings - Air permeability of building components and building elements - Laboratory test method. HBS-200 ® Liquid Rubber is 100% airtight. Tested with HBS-200® GeoTextile and PU-Foam.

European standard for determining the waterproofing of fully assembled windows and doors of any material. HBS-200 ® Liquid Rubber is 100% airtight. Tested with HBS-200® GeoTextile and PU-Foam.

World-wide classification system for sustainable building. HBS-200® Liquid Rubber was tested according to IEQ CREDIT 4.2 (low polluting materials: paints and coatings). Product type: waterproof products. HBS-200 ® Liquid Rubber is a LEED® compliant product, this results in a high LEED rating.

Flexible strips for water seals - Bitumen, plastic and rubber strips for water seals in roofs - Method of artificial ageing due to prolonged exposure to the combination of UV radiation, increased temperature and water. HBS-200® Liquid Rubber offers long-lasting quality: resistant to ageing for at least 20 years.