Gastec QA

Approval mark

GASTEC QA (Quality Approved) is a quality mark for gas related products. Manufacturers whose products are certified to carry the GASTEC QA label, provide users with the assurance that their product meets the highest requirements for quality, functionality and safety. GASTEC QA is issued exclusively by KIWA Gastec Certification.

In order to qualify for the GASTEC QA label, a product must meet a number of requirements. GASTEC QA not only certifies the quality and safety of the product itself, but the entire production process too. Thus, the constant supervision of the entire production process is assured, safeguarding the quality of the products lastingly.

The certification testing programme is carried out in their own accredited, laboratories. The testing and certification scheme and the procedures are subject to supervision by the Accreditation Council (AC), assuring complete independence. In addition, representatives from the entire gas sector consisting of industrial parties, industry associations, Governments and end users, united in a College of Experts, maintain strict surveillance of the quality level and the underlying requirements of the GASTEC QA label.
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