Connection techniques for plastic piping systems

Specialist in connecting techniques for plastic piping systems

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Innovative packaging

Griffon UNI 100 new brush
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PVC flacon

Innovative brush

Easy, fast and reliable

Our plastic bottle's caps include a special brush. The brush allows you to apply a good uniform layer of adhesive. In addition, it works 40% faster per connection compared to a traditional brush. The size of the brush is adapted to the diameter of the pipe.

PVC brush
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Approval marks

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Step-by-step plan

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Application photos

blue gel
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Fast, liquid, THF-free rigid PVC cement


Fast, thixotropic rigid PVC cement

UNI-100® XT

Thixotropic, THF-free rigid PVC cement


Extremely fast, blue, thixotropic PVC cement

Blue Gel

Slipping agent for pipe systems with rubber sleeve connections

HBS-200® Tape

Universal, elastic, instantly water- and airtight tape for (emergency) repairs


Cleansing agent for (rigid) PVC, PVC-C and ABS.

PE Cleaner Heavy Duty

Cleaner for PE, PP, PVDF and PB
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