Airtight construction

Controlled ventilation

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TESTED AND CERTIFIED HBS-200 = 100% airtight

Our HBS products are not only suitable for airtight construction, but also for waterproof construction.

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HBS-200® standards
EN 1026

European standard for the determination of air permeability of fully assembled windows and doors of any material, by submission to positive or negative test pressures. 

EN 12114

Thermal properties of buildings - Air permeability of building components and building elements - Laboratory test method.

Durable quality

Sealing sheets - bitumen, plastic and elastomeric sheets for roof sealing. This is an artificial ageing method with a combined continuous stress though UV-radiation, increased temperature and water. HBS-200® Liquid Rubber offers long-lasting quality: resistant to ageing for at least 20 years.

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Step-by-step plan

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Application photos

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HBS-200® Rubber Tix

Universal, thixotropic, durable, waterproof, airtight and protective coating.

HBS-200® Rubber Tix Cartridge

Universal, permanent, water and airtight, protective sealing agent.

HBS-200® Liquid Rubber

Universal, durable, waterproof

HBS-200® Tape

Universal, elastic, instantly water- and airtight tape for (emergency) repairs

Gun PU-Foam

Fast curing polyurethane foam


Professional and permanently elastic single-component gun foam

HBS-200® GeoTextile

Elastic cloth for use in combination with HBS-200® Liquid Rubber.


Universal flat brush, suitable for the application of HBS-200 Liquid Rubber, among others
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