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Airtight construction

Read all about preventing unwanted air flows in building constructions. Griffon, the best choice for every professional sealing and protection job.


Griffon has a wide selection of anti-corrosion tapes for protecting overhead and underground pipes, joints and other metal structures. Read all about them here.


Cleaning hands, tools and surfaces? Uncloging stubborn blockages? Those are easy jobs with Griffon's professional cleaning products.

Connecting plastic pipes

A complete and high-quality range of quality products for connecting plastic pipes! Whether it's PVC, PVC-C, ABS, PP or PE, Griffon always has a suitable solution. Find out more

Gluing, assembling and sealing

For gluing, mounting and sealing at the highest level, Poly Max® is the SMP polymer based product to use. Read all about it here.

Lubrication and maintenance

A professional range of lubricants, degreasing and cleaning agents for every conceivable application. Discover Griffon's high-quality range.

Metalworking & protection

From making materials rust-resistant to detecting cracks, Griffon has your back. Discover our products for machining, repairing and protectioning metal.


Whether it's quick repairs, restorations or leaks and damage, Griffon offers a versatile range suitable for almost all materials. Discover what's on offer!


The complete Griffon range of soldering fluids, pastes, tinning pastes and solder metals means you can bond any number of metal combinations. Quality guaranteed!

Thread sealing

Griffon's threaded connection products offer a reliable solution for metal, plastic or a combination of both. Read all about them here.

Universal adhesives

With its range of universal adhesives, Griffon offers the right solution to professionally bond every conceivable material. Take a look at our range and get started!