Bison International's sustainability policy

At Bison International, we believe that is is very important to continuously improve our products and to innovate. Well aware of the link between quality of work and the use of properly functioning products, we focus on consumer needs to create products that deliver on their promise.

This is both a challenge and a commitment for our company, in addition to our sustainability engagement. Indeed, we have always been creating environmentally sound & safe products. We also always keep in mind that using glue to repair something naturally helps to avoid waste.

As environmental awareness is central to our business, we apply measures in all areas - from product development and production processes, to usage and disposal by consumers. Bison International constantly finds ways to protect and improve conditions for the health of our employees, the environment and our millions of consumers worldwide. This is well illustrated by the fact that solvent emissions occuring during our production process are far below the legal limit.

Our sustainability policy is based on 4 important pillars:

  • Quality Products
  • Innovative Packaging
  • Clean Factory
  • Inspiring People
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