Everything about REACH

What is REACH?

REACH is a new European regulation for chemical substances. The abbreviation is standing for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. The heart of REACH is that a company has to know, in principle, the risks of all delivered materials and do have to determine all measures to control the concerning risks. With the implementation of REACH the responsibility for an adequate risk control of chemical substances is moving from the government to the companies themselves.

What is the goal of REACH?

The goal of REACH is to guarantee a high safety level at the production and the use of chemical substances for people and environment. By REACH more information will be available on the used substances. The communication on these substances will be improved in the chain from producer to end user and visa versa.

Which obligations are involved?

Producers, distributors and importers do have the obligation to registrate substances with a set of details with regard to safety for people and environment. Several terms and several demands are applicable for the profound of the details. This is depending on f.i. the volume and the harmful characteristics of the materials. Information on the controllability on the risks has to be informed between the companies into the chain. For the preparation of the Registration users of substances (as f.i. in adhesives, sealants and coatings) have to provide their suppliers with information. For the most critical chemical substances an interdiction will be set up, for which the EU can permit under strict conditions an Authorisation for production and use.

What is the planning?

The REACH legislation will be applicable from the 1st of July. Before 1st of December 2008 all substances will have to be registrated at the REACH registration office in Finland. 1st of December 2010 of all most dangerous substances the risks have to be known. 1st of July 2018 all substances for REACH have to be implemented.

What does REACH mean for you as a customer?

In the future you will receive products, for which all health and environmental risks are more clearly documented. As a lot of applications in the adhesive and sealant industry are the same, the adhesive and sealant industry will set up a number of so called “generic exposure scenario’s” and send these to the raw material suppliers. As these are set up, Bison will ask their raw material suppliers to registrate the used substances and to test this, if required, in the way our products are used. The end result of the total process will be a better environment and a safer work and social climate.

Are there also disadvantages?

Yes! Because of the high investigation costs and/or the high risks, there could be the chance that some substances will be out of the market. This can have effects on the availability of our products.

What does Griffon do to prevent that some substances will be out of the market?

Griffon has started to make an analysis of the risks. Based on the knowledge we have until now we investigate:

  • The danger classification of the substance.
  • The uniqueness of this substance for our products.
  • The chance that this substance possibly will not be registrated, respectively will taken away from the market.

We will use this analysis to offer you an alternative in time.

Where can you require more information with regard to REACH?

We trust this information is at your satisfaction. To respond on all your questions, as adequate as possible and to advise you well, Bison has started a REACH project group. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Bison International. We will do our utmost to provide you with the right information!

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