Scrub Wipes

Dispenser 75 Piece(s)

Multifunctional, professional cleaning wipes with scrub

Scrub Wipes



  • Professional quality
  • Double-sided: scrub and smooth side
  • Super-size (20 * 25 cm)
  • Skin-friendly, contains lanolin
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Suitable for:

Suitable for removing wet and partially dried adhesive, sealant, epoxy, paint, oil, tar, soot, lube, grease, bitumen, petrol and ink, and more.

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During use:

Directions for use

Remove the lid of the can and remove the foil. Pull the first wipe from the center of the roll through the orifice. Take the desired quantity of wipes. Close the lid as soon as possible and prevent dehydration. For the best final result clean up stains as soon as possible. Have stains (partially) dried, put the cloth on the stain and leave it so the liquid from the cloth can be soaked up to soften the stain. Then loosen the stain with the scrub side and cleanl up the dirt with the smooth side.


If a stain has partly dried, cover it with a wipe. After a few minutes, remove residue with the smooth side.

Points of attention

Do not use wipes for face cleansing. Synthetics can turn mat, test before using.

After use:

Storage conditions

Store in tightly closed container in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

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