Poly Max® Pro Power Express Crystal Clear: Strong, fast & invisible adhesives and assembly

Griffon has expanded the Poly Max®-assortment with a fast, powerful and crystal clear product: Poly Max® Pro Power Express Crystal Clear.

The professional who expects perfect, crystal clear results for adhesive and assembly jobs chooses Poly Max® Pro Power Express Crystal Clear, the strong, fast assembly glue with a powerful end result. Griffon introduces the solution that is a must for adhesive and assembly purposes, offering transparent workmanship without the risk of visible residues.

Crystal clear, fast and powerful
This new variety of solvent-free assembly glue is just as fast, powerful and easy to handle as the frequently-used white variety, but is, due to its transparency, unnoticeable and invisible on all materials and surfaces. This product is the ideal solution for adhesive and assembly purposes with transparent materials and wherever visible adhesive work is undesirable.

Powerful end result
Griffon Poly Max® Pro Power Express Crystal Clear is a solvent-free adhesive based on SMP-Polymer with a fast-acting, highly powerful result. The glue is already firm after 1.5 hours and attains its maximum strength after 4 hours. This is 10 times as fast as the traditional varieties. Professionals need not waste valuable time waiting. Many building materials such as wood, plaster, (natural) stone, (cellular) concrete, metal, glass, hard foam, and various synthetic materials are assembled and usable in no time. Poly Max® meets the highest standard for professional use.

The assortment
For adhesive, assembly and sealing at the highest level, the professional relies on Poly Max®: Pro Power for a powerful end result, High Tack for a high initial adherence and Fix & Seal for a high elasticity.

GO TO THE MAX with Poly Max® assembly glues!