Griffon extends the Poly Max® range with a 600 ml sausage package.

Good news for professionals who regularly have to carry out large adhesive and assembly jobs. Poly Max® High Tack Express, the rapid and strong assembly adhesive with very high initial adhesion, is now also available in a 600 ml/900 g sausage packaging. The bulk packaging represents maximum performance in terms of ease of use, waste prevention and quality.

Maximum ease of use
Poly Max® High Tack Express in sausage packaging has more than twice as much content as a standard tube. The professional therefore has to change packaging only half as often. In addition, the sausage is quick and easy to change and very easy to process. The sausage packaging is therefore ideal for glue and assembly jobs where large surfaces are glued. For a precise dosage and an optimum glue, a professional Poly Max® Sausage Gun and Poly Max® High Tack V nozzle with special V-opening are added to the range.

Maximum waste saving
Sausage packs result in considerably less waste at the construction site. Compared with standard tubes, a saving of 94% waste volume and 54% waste weight is achieved. The removal of waste is simpler and provides a considerable saving. 

Maximum quality
The KOMO and ATG-certified Griffon Poly Max® High Tack Express has a very high initial tack and a fast strength build-up (final strength after 4 hours). This makes the product the ideal assembly adhesive for heavy materials, vertical applications and overhead applications. Poly Max® High Tack Express can be used both indoors and outdoors on almost all materials and surfaces. With this quality in sausage packaging, the large assembly job is also completed in no time.

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