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Griffon launches Kolmat<sup>® </sup>Fibre Seal

Griffon launches Kolmat® Fibre Seal

1 April 2015

A revolution in thread sealing:  more than 180° adjustable!

Griffon is launching Kolmat® Fibre Seal, an impregnated, fibre-reinforced tape for sealing metal and plastic threaded connections. Easy, clean and fast.  This unique product is more than 180° adjustable.

Kolmat® Fibre Seal is suitable for pipes for (drinking) water, steam, gas, LPG, glycol, (compressed) air  and dilute acids and bases.  The product can be used on copper, brass, (galvanised) steel, stainless steel, zinc, PVC, CPVC and ABS. Kolmat® Fibre Seal can withstand 26 bar pressure and temperatures up to 160oC and has been tested in accordance with European standard EN 751-2 for gas up to 5 bar from -20oC to +70oC and in water up to 16 bar at +95oC and 7 bar at  130°C.

Unique adjustability
In contrast to more traditional techniques for sealing threaded connections, Kolmat® Fibre Seal is more than 180 ° adjustable.   This makes it possible to mount the connection in the desired position without any problems.

Tested quality
Kolmat® Fibre Seal is patented and complies with all relevant (inter) national labels such as DVGW, WRAS, KVBG, GASTEC and European standard EN 751-2.

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