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For extremely strong wood joints

For extremely strong wood joints

29 October 2015

The Griffon range has been expanded with Wood Max, a very strong and 100% solvent-free and isocyanate-free adhesive for 100% waterproof bonding of virtually all wood types and building materials. This product is the first SMP polymer in the world that meets the D4 standard requirements.

Safe and strong
The innovative Wood Max is an environmentally friendly and easy to use (wood) construction adhesive with an extremely high final bond strength of up to 110 kg per cm². Even when used in loose fits up to 4 mm, the filling adhesive maintains its strength and allows immediately tooling since the adhesive does not foam during (or following) the application. With the arrival of Wood Max, black adhesive stains on your hands are also a thing of the past.

Widely applicable
Wood Max is suitable for the waterproof (D4) (surface) bonding of virtually all planed and unplaned wood types to each other. In addition, Wood Max is also suitable for bonding many other types of building materials, such as gypsum, (natural) stone, (cellular) concrete, metal, rigid foam and a variety of synthetic materials.
The product can be applied both horizontally and vertically, is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and is easy to sand and paint.

Independently tested quality
Griffon Wood Max meets European standards NEN-EN 204/205 D4 and EN 14257 (Watt ’91) and has been issued the KOMO certificate 'Bonding for non-load bearing applications.' The adhesive meets all requirements in terms of moisture resistance, temperature resistance and adhesive strength as described in the assessment directive BRL 2339.


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