Griffon HBS-200® Tape: instantly waterproof and airtight

Griffon expands the HBS-200® range with an innovative tape.

The well-known HBS-200® range from Griffon has been extended with a very versatile variant: HBS-200® Tape. This universal, permanently elastic tape is instantly waterproof and air-tight. Partly because of this it is very suitable for (emergency) repairs. In addition, the tape is very well applicable in combination with HBS-200® Liquid Rubber for large seams and cracks and it simplifies the layer thickness.

Ideal for repairs
This black HBS-200® Tape has a particularly high, permanent elasticity of 400%. As a result, vibrations and the possible effects of surfaces can be properly absorbed. In addition, the tape has a very high, direct adhesive force. As a result, it adheres perfectly to almost all materials, such as wood, stone, concrete, zinc, metal, bitumen, EPDM, PVC, PP and PE. The HBS-200® Tape adheres even to damp surfaces, making it ideal for (emergency) repairs. The tape is immediately water-resistant: waiting is therefore not necessary.

Sustainable solution
Because the tape has a large seam, crack and crack bridging capacity, the tape is very suitable for use in combination with HBS-200® Liquid Rubber. Covering HBS-200® Tape with HBS-200® Liquid Rubber creates a permanent, sustainable solution. This is important if a repair is exposed to (extreme) weather conditions for a longer period. In addition, the tape is no less than 1 mm thick, making it easy to achieve the desired layer thickness of 2 mm.