Griffon HBS-200® Liquid Rubber: extensively tested and certified

Superior quality confirmed by independent testing institutes.

Griffon HBS-200® Liquid Rubber was already tested in accordance with European standards EN 1026, EN 1027 and EN 12114 for water and air tightness. To be able to prove that HBS-200 Liquid Rubber is suitable for different applications, it has now also been extensively tested to comply with (European) standards EN 14891, EN 15814, EN 1504-2, ETAG 022, EN 1297 and LEED. In addition, the universal, environmentally friendly, sealing and protective coating now has three CE certificates for different applications, such as waterproofing beneath tiles and making concrete structures more durable.  

Three CE certificates
HBS-200® Liquid Rubber is CE-certified for water impermeability under glued tiles in for example bathrooms swimming pools, balconies and terraces (compliant with EN 14891). Additionally it obtained the CE label for waterproofing and protection of structures below ground level, foundations and exterior walls of basements (compliant with EN 15814). The third CE certificate (according to EN 1504-2) proves that HBS-200 Liquid Rubber is ideal to increase the durability of concrete structures.

Extensively tested
100% water- and air-tightness of the universal coating have been proven on the basis of the European standards EN 1026, EN 1027 and EN 12114. In addition, the waterproofing of walls and floors in wet areas in homes, public spaces, hotels, schools and sports facilities was successfully tested in accordance with the European Technical Approval Directive ETAG 022. The durability of HBS-200 Liquid Rubber in roofing applications is intensively tested according to EN 1297. Finally HBS-200 Liquid Rubber proves to contribute to a high LEED rating used worldwide for energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

Excellent test results in, among other things (lime and chlorine) water resistance, compressive stress, tensile strength, aging at elevated temperatures, loading under frost and thaw conditions, crack-bridging, flexibility and UV radiation, prove that HBS-200 Liquid Rubber is the best choice for every professional sealing and protecting job.