About Griffon

Griffon, a name associated with workmanship.

Among fitters Griffon is known to stand for quality. Especially for professionals, Griffon offers clear, high-quality product rangers aimed at providing solutions. With these Griffon is able to provide a complete range for the sanitary facilities and installation sectors.

Back in the nineteen sixties Griffon had the patented answer to the rapidly growing demand for adhesives for plastic pipes systems. In addition to PVC numerous complementary plumbers' products were introduced, such as lubricants, soldering and sealing products. Since then Griffon has developed into and internationally recognised specialist in the area of connection technology for plastic and metal pipe systems. 

With sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France, and distributors in many countries across the world, Griffon has built up a strong international market position.

Well-known Griffon products are UNI-100® PVC Adhesive, S-39® soft soldering flux and Kolmat® sealing paste.


Quality and Innovation

Opting for Griffon means opting for quality. In order to be able to constantly guarantee excellent quality Griffon employs a quality assurance system. This covers the entire process of incoming raw materials, production into the final product and delivery in accordance with prescribed and monitored procedures. This system has of course been ISO 9001 certified. In this way the user can be assured of quality.

Product quality focused on specific applications is guaranteed by approval marks such as British Standard, ETA and DVGW. Furthermore, several products have a CE marking and meet EN standards. Both the product and the process quality are continuously inspected by reputable, independant inspection bodies at home and abroad.

In addition to quality, innovation is also one of the Griffon core values. Griffon is continuously looking for new and better solutions. Existing products are constantly improved so that they work better and are more user and environmentally friendly.
Through extensive research and close contact with fitters and manufacturers of pipes Griffon introduces innovative solutions for sticky problems time and again.

In addition to quality and innovation we consider the service to the customer as a high priority. The Griffon information centre is always willing to answer any questions you might have.

Bison International

Griffon is part of Bison International, worldwide supplier of high-quality adhesives and kits for the professional and private markets. Furthermore, Bison International is the company behind Bison, Bison Professional, Velpon and Imedio. All of them undisputed A-brands with their own markets and segments. Read more about Bison International on our corporate website.

Bison International has been part of the Bolton Group since 1996. Bolton Group produces and sells a series of high-quality consumer products, many of which are market leaders in their category. The portfolio contains some 40 product lines in the area of foodstuffs, detergents and cleaning products, products for personal hygiene and skin care, cosmetics, nappies and adhesives. The Bolton products are mainly sold in Western Europe but are also in a large measure present in the Middle East and Central Europe. Furthermore, the Bolton products are sold in Asia, North and South America and Australia.

Read more about the Bolton Group on their website.

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