Kolmat® Easyfit

Accordion bottle 50 ml

Sealing and securing agent for metal threaded connections

Kolmat® Easyfit



  • Immediately loadable at low pressure
  • Resistant to thermal shock and vibration
  • Chemical resistant


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Suitable for:

For sealing and securing metal threaded connections in, e.g., gas, water, central heating and insutrial conduit systems. Suitable for, e.g., steel, brass and stainless steel.

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Before use:

Working conditions

Do not use in temperatures ≤ +5°C.

Preliminary surface treatment

Clean and degrease surfaces.

During use:

Directions for use

1) Apply evenly to the screw thread. 2) Assemble the connection and tighten securely. Joint is adjustable for about 1 minute. At low pressure, compound taxed directly. After curing heavy demountable.

After use:


Remove any residue with a moist cloth or degreaser.

Storage conditions

Store in properly sealed packaging in a dry place at between +5°C and +25°C.

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